Career And Wealth Reading

Career and wealth is judged by following in the birth chart. With this awareness and observation you will be able to guide yourself through the challenges of your professional life. It can further help you in balancing your professional and personal life. Important things to look at are as follows.

Ascendant (lagna): This describes your personality, how you perceive the world.  e.g Leo ascendant they have natural leadership qualities, similarly every sign has some qualities. (Personality kingmaker or king or executor etc)

Ascendant lord: Ruler of your ascendant describes your style of approaching things in life. e.g. For Aries ascendant the ruler is Mars.  Mars is a planet of can do/action, the person can be aggressive for what they want to achieve. If it is in the (partnership/business). The person will be aggressive in partnership/business.

Condition of the Career/10th  house:

  1. Sign of the Career house.
  2. Lord of the Career house and its position.
  3. Planets in the career house. (How the energies get mixed if Venus is present then a person can be very tactful etc)
  4. Aspects on the career house. ( If Venus aspects the a person can have influence of beauty in their career )
  5. The status of the 10th divisional chart or dasamsa chart. Drilling into the specific details of the career.

Others planets will be checked: In this  career analysis will analyze other planet's strength/weaknesses which are influencing your career and wealth.

1. Status of planets associated with key factors like communication ( Mercury). Judgement ( Mercury and Moon) interpersonal relationship, decision making, and general management skill.

2. Sun and Saturn condition, how much committed you are to your profession and success.

3. Strong planets will be analyzed in birth chart, e.g Exalted planets; Natural Edge and sometimes luck.

4. Weak planets: Will be analyzed in birth chart, e. g Debilitated planets: Where you will need to work hard.

5. Own house and sign planets: Will be analyzed in birth chart.

6. Mooltrikona planets: Strength of birth chart, which gives you better drive for success.

7. Com-bust planets: Some places where you feel burned out. Needs to deal with a cool head.

Conditions of the houses related with wealth.
  1. The end results of the successful career/profession is creation of wealth, social status and job satisfaction. This has to be judged from the planets located in multiple houses house and their lordships.
  2. Wealth lord as wealth is signified by combinations will be analyzed.
  3. Income governed signified by combinations will be analyzed.
  4. Luck lord: signified by combinations will be analyzed.
  5. Condition of Partnership house and lord if you want to do business are signified by combinations will be analyzed.

Some specific indications:

1) Dhana yoga ( if exist): The placement of the lord of the ninth house i. e. Mercury in the seventh house is a favorable disposition from the monetary viewpoint. it also indicate that you may gain wealth from your intelligence through foreign land/source.

2) Rajyoga: (if exist) the placement of the lord of the seventh house i.e. Moon in the fifth house is a raj-yoga in your birth chart and is favorable for enjoying peace, prosperity and attaining success in life.

3) Sade sati/shani dhaiya (if exist): presently you are not passing through sade sati sati ( 7-½ years cycle of saturn.

Dasha and Transits for Career(12 Months)
  1. Main period (current): What kind of time you are running. Will be analyzed in birth chart.
  2. Sub period (current): What kind of time you are running. Will be analyzed in birth chart.
  3. Transits of current planets related with your birth chart which includes Jupiter, Saturn & Nodes (Rahu/Ketu)

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